My 8th Grade year (continued)

When i look back at my years of Holy Cross in the computer lab, i always think of the games Mr. Piva let us play.  He let us play motocross which was the best game of all time. Mr. Piva also was the one who taught me how to type.  He is one of the main reasons why I am so great at typing. Mr. Piva always had a great attitude when I saw him inside and outside of the class room. Mr. Piva was a great computer teacher and I will never forget him.

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Mitchell Newman



Eighth Grade

                Eighth grade was the most fun and exciting year so far! It was full of surprises and adventures.  I learned a lot of things about life and how to do things.  This year was also the quickest year! It went by very fast.  It was probably because we were having so much fun.  Being the oldest class was really fun.  We had more privileges and opportunities to do more activities.   It was also fun being with the Kindergarteners.  It was a blast being their buddies and to do activities with them.  We got to read to them, go to church, and do science experiments.  I remember when we did the experiment were you see if the pumpkin floated in the water.  We made a hypothesis, got the materials, and wrote down our data.  The end of the experiment was very quite funny.  All of the Kindergarteners and even some of the eighth graders thought that the pumpkin would float, but it turned out that all of the pumpkins floated!

Since it was my last year of middle school, I wanted to try new things out.  So, I decided to join student council and play volleyball.  Student council was a lot of work which required staying up durin lunch on Wednesdays and announcing things during assembly.  I said the prayer, the flag salute, the sports announcements, and the dismissals.  Even though it was cold in the morning, I still did my job.  Playing volleyball was really fun this year.  I started to figure out that I liked it when I was in PE.  After the first game in PE, I realized that volleyball was a blast and I wanted to play more.  I ended up joining the team and we did great in our season! We lost only one game and won the tournament in the end.

When I was starting the eighth grade, my main goal was to stay focused in class, get all my homework done, and study hard while playing sports.  I learned to take any free time to do homework.  Even by just doing five minutes of homework during break helped.  When I used my time wisely, I could study more, have more free time with friends, and get to bed earlier.  When I got to bed earlier, I would have a better night sleep and be more prepared for the next day. Eighth grade was a year when I really figured out how to be smart with my activities.

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Facebook Timeline

Facebook is a great way to interact and stay connected with friends and family.  Some people have Facebook to just have it and some really need it.  One day I went onto my Facebook profile and it changed.  It changed to something called Timeline.  Timeline made things very difficult for me and other Facebook users.  Facebook tried to make it look cooler, but ended up making it very complicated and unorganized.  Nothing was wrong with the old profile! Why would they just change it?  I think the makers of Facebook should ask the users first before they totally switch things around.  Many of the users that need Facebook for jobs and business are kind of annoyed that they can’t figure out how to use this new thing.  It is now very hard to view other people’s photos, walls, and information.  The Facebook creators just made it way more complicated!

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Beats By Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre was a famous and respected rapper back in the days in the N.W.A.  After he retired, he realized that headphones weren’t giving the right sound that the artist wanted to hear, so he created his own. He called them beats.  Many people use these headphones today for the high quality sound and its looks.  When beats first came out, the colors were white, black, and red.  Now, they come in new neon colors and you can also customize them.  I have tried these headphones and they’re great. I can’t believe how clear the sound is.  I can hear part of the songs I could have never heard with regular headphones. Image

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Who is this strange cartoon character?  It is Bolbi Stroganovsky of coarse! This character stars in the hit show Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon.  Bolbi is an exchange student from “Backhairistan” who goes to Jimmy’s school.  Bolbi isn’t afraid to try new things.  Such as running for school president and participating in the school plays.  He wears the same thing every day: a green vest with a red tie, brown shorts, and high brown socks.  Since he is from a different country, he has the weird accent which sounds European.  Bolbi is a very happy boy around other people.  He makes people laugh by dancing to his song. All day every day he sings “Clap Clap Clap Slap Slap Slap.” to all the people in Retroville. Although Bubli is not in a lot of episodes I still think he is the funniest cartoon character of all time.Image

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Although Sumo wrestling looks very funny,  the wrestlers take it very seriously. The rules are simple,  knock your opponent down or out of the ring.  Before the match, players stomp on the ring.  They do this because they want to make the evil spirits go away in the ring. They through sacred salt on the ring to calm the Gods that are with them in the ring.  There are big sumo wrestlers and small sumo wrestlers.  Many think that just cause this wrestler is bigger, he will win.  many small sumos win because of quickness and strength.Image

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Here we go

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